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Hi, I am Sandra and I am a survivor! 


In 2008, I was at my lowest! I was in a broken marriage, had a lot of serious family issues going on, was on antidepressants and felt completely broken, exhausted and at the end of my rope! I was depressed, cried a lot, confused, lonely, lost, and felt defeated! My confidence and self esteem was nonexistent! 

I was introduced to personal development materials and I began having ah-ha moments.  I began to realize why I did what I did, what held me back, what negative self talk I had and best of all, how to make changes!

I learned how to rewire my brain for success over the past decade and broke the bonds of my limiting beliefs and my negative self talk that held me hostage to my past. I feel free and confident to be me and understand the journey to living a life that I desire. 

Let me show you how. 


What You Can Expect  

  • Identify what holds you back
  • Stop the negative self talk
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Teach you skills that stop certain behaviours
  • Teach you how to reprogram your brain for success
  • Offer you accountability partners
  • Coach you through the rough spots
  • Teach you how to overcome worry
  • Help you realize your gifts and attributes
  • Offer a private support system in a safe community 
  • Prevent you from passing it on to the next generation

"Relationships are not complicated, but emotions are. The closest relationship that you will ever have is with yourself. Heal your emotions and you heal your life."



Sandra has helped me with my perspective and my stinking thinking.   Her knowledge and insight from videos and chats has given me hope that I can overcome the obstacles in my life and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Her encouraging words let me know I am not on my own. She is helping me strive to reach my potential and encourages me to not give up. This has been very helpful in my journey.




I would love to help you break through your limiting beliefs and negative self talk, as I have done for myself and others, so you can have the life of your dreams!